What is it?

  • Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body’s own healthy tissue and organs. It causes high levels of persistent inflammation, which can negatively affect nearly every part of the body: the heart, joints, brain, kidneys, lungs and endocrine glands, for example. It’s also called SLE, which stands for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.


  • Allergic reactions

  • Gut dysbiosis, inappropriate gut flora

  • Lack of breast feeding

  • Dairy sensitivity or intolerance

  • Sorbitol intolerance

  • Gluten sensitivity

  • Alcohol

  • Food allergies

  • Poor diet

  • Poor digestion

  • Infections

  • Genetics

  • Being of African-American, Asian or Native American decent

  • Hormone imbalance​

  • Environmental toxins

  • Metal toxicity


  • chronic fatigue

  • joint pains

  • muscle aches

  • stiffness, swelling and edema

  • shortness of breath and chest pains

  • headaches

  • fever

  • skin rashes and sunburns

  • depression and anxiety

  • insomnia

  • blurred vision and dry eyes

  • mouth and nose sores and ulcers

  • anemia and weakness

  • memory loss and confusion

  • complications including higher risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, kidney damage, lung damage, infections, seizures and stroke


  • Diagnosis requires 5 of the following for 6 weeks or more: morning stiffness, pain on motion or joint tenderness, joint swelling, positive rheumatoid factor on blood test, xray changes

Allopathic Treatment Options

  1. Anti-rheumatic drugs

  2. Corticosteroids


  4. Immunosuppressants

  5. Blood pressure medications

  6. Hormones and birth control pills

Naturopathic Treatment Options

  1. Discover the root cause to why your body is creating symptoms

  2. Anti-inflammatory diet

  3. Repair and restore gut flora

  4. Support gut function and insufficiencies

  5. Anti-inflammatory spices and herbs

  6. Support liver health to detox environmental toxins and infections

  7. Address micronutrient deficiencies to build up the physiology/biochemical function of the body

  8. Find out what foods you are intolerant to through food intolerance testing. Dr. Felty's patients experience relief after removing foods that bother them

  9. Treat infections

  10. Reduce stress and anxiety naturally through mind body techniques such as somatic experiencing, meditation, and qigong

  11. Support physical health and reduce pain through massage and manual adjustments

  12. Counseling

  13. Acupuncture

  14. Hydrotherapy

  15. Physical therapy

  16. Lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep, hydration

With the help of a health care professional like Dr. Felty, you can receive personalized recommendations on how to improve your health. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss possible solutions.