Holistic Naturopathic Care

  • The body can heal itself in the right conditions. Naturopathic doctors educate their patients on how to support the right conditions for health and healing. They see each person in their entirety rather than in parts. They emphasize education and lifestyle intervention first before prescribing anything invasive. This medicine combines the latest science with traditional healing methods that date back over 2000 years. Dr. Felty became a naturopathic doctor because she believes in its core principles. Learn about holistic approaches to health, about empowerment and self-responsibility that can create numerous benefits in your life.

Custom Herbal Medicine

  • Herbal medicine, also known as herbalism or botanical medicine, is a medical system based on the use of plants or plant extracts that may be eaten or applied to the skin. Since ancient times, herbal medicine has been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat illness and to assist bodily functions. Learn which plants can support and strengthen your body's natural healing processes.

Personalized Nutrition Guidance

  • Nutrition does not need to be hard, quite the opposite. It's about having someone who can work with you and at your pace. Dr. Felty can help you around cooking, eating times, meal prepping, and digesting your food better. She helps you implement small dietary changes that nourish your body and activate it's natural ability to heal. Everyone is different which is why every person's food choices should be different. Learn which foods may be triggering symptoms for you and which foods to increase to make you feel better.

Advanced Functional Medicine Testing

  • Lab testing is the best way to understanding how the body is working and how everything is connected. This is not your typical blood test of complete blood count (CBC) and comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). This detailed and comprehensive testing provides key information on your organs (such as kidney and liver), hormones (such as thyroid and reproductive), vitamins, inflammation, genetic obstacles to healing, and more. More importantly, learn how to improve your test results naturally.

Digestive Health Testing and Healing

  • Digestive health issues are not fun. You want to live your life without having to constantly feel bloated or constipated. Digestive health testing can reveal important information about the root cause of many common gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. This test offers valuable insight into your digestive capacity, the integrity of the GI tract, intestinal inflammation, and what bacteria create your intestinal microbiome. Learn how to reduce digestive issues and have freedom again.

Nutrition Deficiency Testing and Custom Vitamins

  • Symptoms happen after years and years of imbalance and deficiency. Find out if you are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals that are essential to mood, energy, immunity, focus, and digestion. Even if you have a healthy diet or are currently taking vitamins, you may not be absorbing it all. Nutrition deficiency testing provides insight to which vitamins and foods your body needs at this time. Vitamin deficiencies are linked to all major illnesses. Watch this video on how Alzheimer's and vitamin deficiencies are linked by Dr. Dale Bredesen. Learn which nutrients your body is missing and natural ways to replace them.


Hormone Testing and Balancing

  • Think you have a hormone imbalance? Men and women experience hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance impacts your energy, libido, mood, sleep, and weight. You can find out if you have hormone imbalance with advanced and comprehensive testing. Learn how to balance your hormones naturally with food, vitamins, herbs, and lifestyle techniques.

Custom Detox Support

  • The body knows how to detox itself properly. Over time, these processes can become stuck, overburdened, or congested. Learn natural ways to stimulate the body natural detox pathways that are gentle and non invasive.

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Training

  • ​​Stress reduction is one of the best ways to improve health and decrease: pain, hypertension, cardiovascular disease risk, obesity, chronic illness, and digestive issues. Stress reduction and mindfulness training allows the body to heal and recharge. Stress reduction is important in maintaining health and vitality. Learn how to increase your resilience to stress and support the glands who respond to stress.


Naturopathic Counseling

  • This is about asking you the right questions and giving you space to feel safe. We work together to uncover limited beliefs that may be keeping you sick or continuing habits that do not serve you. Naturopathic counseling gently guides you to understand yourself more and reveal how small changes in thinking can have big benefits that reach into every area of your life. Learn what is holding you back and how to let go of what is not serving you.