Naturopathic Medicine Education

  • Naturopathic medicine is evidence-based natural medicine that combines the latest science with traditional healing methods that date back over 2000 years. Naturopathic doctors like Dr. Felty restore and establish optimal health by supporting the person's inherent self-healing process. Rather than just suppressing symptoms, she works to identify underlying causes of illness, and develops personalized education to address them. You are meant to thrive, not just survive. Naturopathic medicine supports your whole health, mind, body, and spirit. 

Custom Herbal Medicine Education

  • Herbal medicine, also known as herbalism or botanical medicine, is a medical system based on the use of plants or plant extracts that may be eaten or applied to the skin. Since ancient times, herbal medicine has been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat illness and to assist bodily functions. Learn which plants can support and strengthen your body's natural healing processes.

Nutrition Testing and Personalized Education

  • Our food can be medicine or poison. Dr. Felty will educate you on how to utilize your food as medicine. She will provide resources for you to achieve your health goals through food. Food impacts mood, pain, metabolism, and immunity. The food you eat is turned into nutrients for your body to run on. If you are eating foods that are not alive or lack nutrients, then your body can not function properly. Dr. Felty will educate you on cooking, kitchen essentials, recipes, nutrient deficiencies, and much more. Dr. Felty is going to show you how food can fuel you rather than slow you down. Each person has different needs. Dr. Felty will tailor your needs to your nutrition. If you suffer from eating disorders, she can support you and your healthcare team.

Advanced Bloodwork Interpretation and Education

  • Lab testing is the best way to understand how the body is working and how everything is connected. Dr. Felty will educate you on your bloodwork, why the body has created symptoms, and how to restore optimal health. Dr. Felty will educate you on advanced and comprehensive testing that can evaluate blood health, organ function, inflammation, autoimmunity, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances, digestive function, gut microbiome diversity, and environmental toxins. Understanding what is happening inside the body is imperative in restoring health. 

Digestive Health and Microbiome Testing and Education

  • Digestive health is the foundation of vitality and overall function. Digestive health regulates immunity, mood, metabolism, pain, and inflammation through the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria that helps us function. When the gut microbiome becomes altered or imbalanced, this can lead to a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic illness, pain, immune problems, behavioral issues, addiction, and more. The digestive system takes the food you eat and breaks it down into nutrients and energy. When this process does not work, then after some time, your body can not work optimally. Dr. Felty will educate you on how to restore the digestive system and gut microbiome so that you can feel better naturally - mind and body.

Healing Education

  • Symptoms happen after years and years of imbalance and deficiency. Dr. Felty will help you discover root causes to your health concerns and then teach you how to heal from the inside out.


Hormone Test Interpretation and Education

  • Think you have a hormone imbalance? Men and women experience hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance impacts your energy, libido, mood, sleep, and weight. You can find out if you have hormone imbalance with advanced and comprehensive testing. Learn how to balance your hormones naturally with food, vitamins, herbs, and lifestyle techniques.

Natural Detoxification Education

  • The body knows how to detox itself properly. Over time, these processes can become stuck, overburdened, or congested. Learn natural ways to stimulate the body natural detox pathways that are gentle, non invasive, and simple to implement every day.

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Education

  • ​​Stress reduction is one of the best ways to improve health and decrease: pain, hypertension, cardiovascular disease risk, obesity, chronic illness, and digestive issues. Stress reduction and mindfulness training allows the body to heal and recharge. Stress reduction is important in maintaining health and vitality. Learn how to increase your resilience to stress with simple and natural techniques.


Naturopathic Counseling

  • This is about asking you the right questions and giving you space to feel safe. You and Dr. Felty work together to uncover limited beliefs that may be keeping you sick or continuing habits that do not serve you. Learn what is holding you back and how to let go of what is not serving you.

Dr. Felty is not a medical doctor. She is a naturopathic doctor. Her services are educational. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. She educates and empowers each person she works to reverse illness and optimize health naturally.

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