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Herbs and Minerals
  • Natural Medicine

    • Natural Health and Wellness Education

    • Holistic Healing

    • Detoxification Education

    • Nutrition and Supplement Guidance

    • Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

    • Biohacking

    • Advanced and Holistic Lab Testing Education

  • Mind-Body Healing

    • Somatic Mind-Body Training

    • Trauma Recovery

    • Guided Breathwork

    • Guided Somatic Work

  • Energy Healing

    • In Person Reiki Sessions 

    • Virtual Reiki Sessions

  • Spiritual Healing

    • Embodiment Coaching

    • Intuitive Coaching

    • Awakening Spiritual Power

  • Psychedelic Healing

    • Psychedelic Prep and Harm Reduction

    • Psychedelic Sitting and Facilitation

    • Psychedelic Integration

  • Health Optimization

  • Healing

  • Hormone Balance

  • Energy Renewal

  • Gut Restoration and Healing

  • Natural Fertility Support

  • Chronic Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

  • Chronic Symptoms

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Illness

  • Empowerment

  • Education

  • Reconnect Mind and Body

  • Feel Better

  • Tap Into Highest Potential

  • More Confidence

  • Inner Peace

  • Nourish The Spirit 

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Dr. Felty is not a medical doctor. She is a naturopathic doctor and in the state of Illinois, naturopathic doctors are not licensed. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. She works with you and your primary care team to provide holistic care and education that supports overall wellbeing.