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No matter what you are struggling with, Dr. Felty is here for you. She knows that men and women have been taught to hide their feelings and not seek help. She encourages you to push past that conditioning and reach out. You can heal yourself and improve whatever is going on with the right support. Even if doctors have said 'it is all in your head' or that 'you can not heal'. It is not all in your head. It is in your body too and you absolutely can heal. Dr. Felty understands from healing PTSD that trauma gets stored up in the body and eventually will cause symptoms. She will show you how to release any stored up trauma in the body while removing things in your environment that irritate your body as well. She will show you how to understand your labwork, heal your body, and free your mind. Whether you want healing or optimizing health, she will support you on the journey. She was told that she had an incurable chronic illness that will eventually take her life. She has proven many gastroenterologists wrong. She has been medication free for more than 10 years and has cured her digestive issues while also freeing her mind from disease.


She will teach you how to do this slowly as you achieve your desired results. In return, you will live a lifestyle that creates health rather than disease. Whatever you are struggling with, she can help. You can see her while continuing to see your primary care team. She may educate you on labwork to get, supplements to take, lifestyle changes to make, thought retraining, healing infections, healing your gut, and healing trauma. This all depends on your unique situation. Once you meet her, you will know that she tailors everything based on your experiences, symptoms, mindset, and history. She will support you as your take baby or big steps on your health journey. Whenever you are ready, she is here for you.​​​

Office, Virtual, and Home Appointments Available
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Convenient Chicago location at Balance Health and Wellness​ in Lincoln Park. Please call Dr. Felty's office to schedule an appointment. Every new client must see Dr. Felty for an initial consultation before any other services are provided so she can get the full picture of your unique situation and goals.
Office Phone: 773-472-0560
Mon | 10-3pm
Tues | 9-4pm
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Thurs | 9-4pm

Dr. Felty is not a medical doctor. She is a naturopathic doctor. Her services are all educational. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. She educates and empowers each person she works to reverse illness and optimize health naturally.

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