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Recipe: Delicious and Simple Raw Cabbage Salad

Food is medicine and provides essential vitamins we need to function and think properly. Vitamins come from the soil, color, and freshness of food. Did you know that most of us are deficient in vitamins? I see vitamin deficiencies in every single person I work with. One of the best ways to get a real dose of vitamins is through having a salad once per day. Salads also provide fiber which help clear out toxins in the body, reduce cholesterol, reduce pain, increase energy, and support digestive function. Adequate vitamins and fiber lower a person's risk for cancer and disease.

Here is a salad recipe that is simple and delicious. This salad can be meal prepped on Sunday for the week or it can be made fresh to enjoy throughout the day. Protein can be added to this salad such as: shredded chicken, sardines, shredded salmon, grass fed beef, beans, hemp seeds, or lentils. This salad recipe can be changed by the variety of vegetables chosen. Happy chopping!

Salad Recipe

10 - 15 minutes of prep time

Salad Ingredients:

Red cabbage




Orange pepper




Dressing Ingredients:

Apple cider vinegar

Seasoning (Sea salt, garlic, oregano, pepper, marjoram, rosemary)

Lemon juice

Three steps to making this simple, vitamin rich, and delicious salad

1) Chop vegetables into small bite size pieces.

2) Add chopped vegetables together and mix them.

3) Dress the vegetables. (Yes, it’s this simple!) Add sea salt, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice for dressing. To change the taste, you can add honey or mustard as well.

If you have symptoms of low energy, anxiety, back pain, PMS, panic, digestive issues, headaches, skin issues, depression, and/or brain fog you may be low in vitamins which allows infections and imbalance to happen. People with chronic illnesses all have vitamin deficiencies because they do not absorb vitamins in their stomach like they are supposed to or they have a sluggish liver, gallbladder, or pancreas. Eating raw salad like this can support all of those organs and improve your symptoms. The only way to know what is missing and how well these organs are working is through advanced testing.

Dr. Felty educates on what vitamins are missing and which foods to increase based on the body's specific needs. She educates each person she works with on digestive health and the microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria in the stomach, that regulates all functions, including mood. The stomach is the foundation to overall health. She also works to support and heal someone's relationship to food. You can contact her for individualized support that is specific to your needs and goals. Choosing what we eat every day makes a huge impact in how well we feel. We can all feel better naturally when we choose vitamin rich food that is alive.

Dr. Felty is a holistic naturopathic doctor that educates and empowers people to heal themselves naturally. Learn more at Email her at



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