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A Doctor Who Understands The Self Healing Journey

Cresencia became a doctor of naturopathic medicine to further her passion and knowledge to heal herself. She has been on a healing journey for the past 19 years with an incurable stomach disease called Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. Her symptoms debilitated her and took over her life. She spent weeks to months in a hospital bed. She developed numerous side effects from the medications she was taking and symptoms continued to get worst. She was advised to take 20 prescription pills a day and was urged to surgically remove her colon. She was never educated on nutrition, the mind-body connection, and how to actually heal and reverse the disease. She was only given ways to suppress the symptoms and shut them up. What she learned was that symptoms are messengers that there is imbalance and deficiency happening. Symptoms are meant to teach us to change, slow down, and heal something.


With years of training and self healing practices, she has learned how to manage her symptoms effectively and naturally without medication or surgery. She understands the power of lifestyle habits, connection with nature, mindset, emotional health, spiritual health, supplementation, and nutrition. She also understands that trauma, stress, and emotions get stored in the nervous system and if we do not release it, we can develop chronic symptoms.


She is here, not as a doctor, but as a guide to support your journey to wellness. She knows what it is like to feel unwell and how to radically reverse symptoms. Her own journey is what has ignited her passion to teach others how to heal and lead healthy lifestyles that nourish the mind, body, and spirit. We all deserve to feel well and Dr. Felty can teach you how.


Professional Education and Trainings

Columbia College Chicago, Bachelors of Journalism, Graduated 2011
American Fitness Professionals & Associates, Health and Wellness Consultant, 2011
National University of Health Sciences, Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Graduated 2018
Food is Medicine Symposium, 2017
SIBO Conference, 2017
ILANP Annual Conference, 2017
Integrate Medicine for the Underserved, 2017

AANP Annual & NMSA Conference, 2018

Holistic Counseling Conference, 2018

Somatic Experiencing Workshop, 2018

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center, Shamanic Apprenticeship Intensive Part 1, 2019
Professional Wellness Alliance, Professional Wellness Alliance Training, 2020
Reiki Healing Zaanti Reiki, Reiki Level 1 and 2, 2020
California of Integral Studies, Certificate of Psychedelic Therapies and Research, 2020-2021
Universal Life Church Training Center, Minister, 2020

Dr. Felty is not a medical doctor. She is a naturopathic doctor and in the state of Illinois, naturopathic doctors are not licensed. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. She works with you and your primary care team to provide holistic care and education that supports overall wellbeing.