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About Dr. Felty


Dr. Felty's mission is to guide and empower people to get the root cause of their health issues and heal from within. 

Dr. Felty had Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory stomach disease and has worked with various holistic, integrative, and functional practitioners from all over the world, learning different methods to activate self healing and restore wholeness in the mind, body, and spirit. Before searching for alternative ways to heal, she was told that she would be on medications for life and it could be fatal if she didn't surgically remove her colon. She has been medicine free for more than 15 years and never removed her colon.


She understands that medications and surgery can be life saving and helpful in acute emergencies and for short term interventions. However, she has learned that to TRULY heal chronic issues you must work on the roots of dis-ease: thoughts, beliefs, emotions, toxins, diet, lifestyle, and trauma.

Cresencia is a trained primary care naturopathic and functional medicine physician and has studied additional fields to create a holistic approach to healing such as psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body healing, consciousness coaching, shamanism, trauma healing, energy healing, mindset coaching, spiritual counseling, and psychedelic therapies. 


She knows that health and healing is possible for everyone when blocks to wellness are removed and released. She gets that this is a unique process for each person and there is not a one size fits all protocol or algorithm. 


This is why she created Natural Advancement Consulting, a personalized consulting practice dedicated to help people heal their health problems and regain freedom to live life fully. Her role is not a doctor, but as a guide, teacher, and fellow human to support you on this journey.

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When Dr. Felty isn't helping clients improve their health and life, she's enjoying life with her dog Ruby. She loves to travel, dance, listen to music, workout, worship God, hang with friends/family, and be in nature.

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Professional Education

Columbia College Chicago, Bachelors of Journalism, Graduated 2011
American Fitness Professionals & Associates, Health and Wellness Consultant, 2011
National University of Health Sciences, Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Graduated 2018

Universal Life Church Training Center, Ordained Minister, 2020

California of Integral Studies, Certificate of Psychedelic Therapies and Research, 2020-2021

Life Changing Energy Sound Healing Certification 2022

Continuing Education and Trainings

Food is Medicine Symposium, 2017
SIBO Conference, 2017
ILANP Annual Conference, 2017
Integrate Medicine for the Underserved, 2017

AANP Annual & NMSA Conference, 2018

Holistic Counseling, 2018

Somatic Experiencing, 2018

Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, 2019

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center, Shamanic Apprenticeship Intensive Part 1, 2019
Professional Wellness Alliance, 2020
Reiki Healing Zaanti Reiki, Reiki Level 1, 2, and 
Reiki Master Training 2020-2021

Spiritual Energy Conference 2021

Consciousness Conference 2022

Epigenetics and Diabetes, 2022

MUIH PCE Lecture Series: Psychoneuroimmunology - How Thoughts Impact Disease, 2022

ASRM Infertility Course, 2022

White Tiger Qigong, 2023

Consciousness and Spiritual Coaching, 2015-2023

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