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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance? What is the pricing structure? 

We do not accept insurance. We provide a premium experience for a greater value than most conventional doctor visits. Your health is an investment, not an expense. Here is the current pricing structure:​​

  • 15 min Discovery Phone Call - FREE | This is where you and Dr. Felty find out if you're a good fit and go over questions before booking.

  • First Time Consultation - $350 | This is a 60-75 minute evaluation where Dr. Felty gathers information and creates a holistic plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

  • Follow Up (Current Client) Consultation - $275 |  This is a 60 minute visit where you discuss your plan, progress, and go over any questions. 

What is the process?

Before the First Consultation - You will fill out our comprehensive intake forms (questionnaires) at least 24 hours prior to your visit so that Dr. Felty can review them before she sees you. This gives her a good idea of who you are and what she will focus the visit on. You can also upload and share any recent labs from the last 3-6 months in the Client portal in the Document's section.

Initial (First) Consultation - A 60 minute evaluation where you discuss your current health goals, your past medical history, family history, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health, stress, and more. We will work together, with your body, to achieve your health and wellness goals. You may discuss lab work such as: blood work, saliva tests, stool tests, breath tests and other functional medicine labs. Functional medicine testing is paid out of pocket typically and ranges from $200-$500 per test. We will encourage you to get lab work done with your primary care provider whenever possible. At the end of this comprehensive visit, you will get immediate solutions to start working on your health. 


Follow Up (Current Client) Consultation - A 60 minute visit to discuss your plan, progress, and answer any questions. This is for current or previous clients who have already seen Dr. Felty. 

Labwork is not necessary before your initial consultation but you can order a comprehensive blood test panel at here called the 10 Most Important Tests. This panel assesses inflammation, blood health, hormone health, diabetes risk, nutrient status, and immune health. Once the test panel is ordered, you can go fasted to a Quest Diagnostics nearest you. If you'd like the results to be sent to Dr. Felty, please fill out the HIPPA form in your Directlabs account after ordering the test panel and include Dr. Felty's email address: Here are top blood test markers that you should get done with your primary care providers annually that could be helpful for Dr. Felty to review:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

  • Urinalysis (UA)

  • TSH

  • T3

  • T4

  • Vitamin D

  • DHEA

  • Cortisol

  • Testosterone

Please upload any test results you have into the Charm client portal under the Documents section. Once uploaded, please click Share so Dr. Felty can review your results.

Do I need to get blood work done before the initial consultation?

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

  • HgA1c

  • C-Reactive Protein

  • Iron

  • ANA

  • B12

  • Iodine

  • Iron panel

  • Cholesterol panel

How do I check in for the virtual consultation?

  1. Log in to your phone, ipad, or computer 5 minutes early.

  2. Log in to the Charm Personal Health Portal and go to the 'Appointments' section.

  3. Click on the 'Check-in' button shown next to the appointment.Select the state of residence and click on the 'Join' button. 

  4. Then wait for Dr. Felty to join the meeting.

  5. Call us if need assistance at 872-228-1630.

Where do I go for the in-person consultation?

You will meet Dr. Felty at her office location within Rhythm and Beets in Chesterton, Indiana. The office address is 880 Sidewalk Road, Chesterton, IN 46304. Chesterton is only an hour drive from Chicago and is nestled between Indiana Dunes National Park and the city of Valparaiso. 

What is the difference between functional medicine, holistic medicine, and naturopathic medicine?

All of these medicines focus on treating the whole person and getting to the root cause of symptoms. Instead of managing or masking symptoms, these approaches can address key factors that determine your health and wellbeing such as gut health, nutrition, lifestyle, childhood, relationships, chronic stress, mindset, trauma, and environmental toxins. 

Naturopathic doctors are trained primary care doctors and teachers who take a natural, non-invasive, and holistic approach to helping you feel better and stop health concerns or symptoms. They teach you why symptoms are happening so you can learn how to heal yourself. They help you address deeper causes to your health problems and give you the support you need to heal. Natural medicine doctors look at you as a whole person - your thoughts, body, emotions, spirit, lifestyle habits and patterns, childhood history, medical history - to support all of you. There is not a one size fits all approach in naturopathic medicine


In the state of Illinois, naturopathic doctors are not licensed and can not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Dr. Felty works with you and your primary care team to provide holistic care and education that supports overall wellbeing. Learn about naturopathic medicine

Can Dr. Felty be my primary care provider?

No, even though Dr. Felty has been trained to be a primary care physician, she can not be your primary provider. Dr. Felty is not a medical doctor and does not treat or diagnose medical conditions. She works as a health consultant that can assist you and your primary care team. You are encouraged to have a separate primary care physician (PCP).

Can Dr. Felty see kids and babies?

Yes, Dr. Felty can educate you on ways to help your child's gut health, diet, immune system, behavior, and more. In addition, Dr. Felty will recommend that you also see a pediatrician or primary care provider for your child's wellness exams and medical care. 

What is the safest and most reliable way to get supplements? is Dr. Felty's go to online dispensary. It's a safe, reliable online platform that you can order high quality supplements and have it sent directly to your home whether you are a client or not. Here is the link to Dr. Felty's online dispensary:

Do I need take supplements or vitamins?

Vitamins/supplements can act as a supplement to your diet and can help you maintain proper nutrient levels. No diet is perfect or provides optimal amounts of nutrients every day however you know your body best. It is estimated that 99% of Americans have nutrient deficiencies. And due to industrialized farming practices, soil has become depleted of essential minerals leaving vegetables far less nutrient dense than before. Nutrient deficiencies can also happen over time by stress, medications, gut health issues, infections, and processed foods.


Some vitamins/herbs/supplements are essential in helping the body flush out toxins while others maintain healthy levels. However, vitamins/supplements can not replace a whole foods diet or stress reduction. Taking supplements should be individualized based on your deficiencies, symptoms, and health goals. Testing your nutrient levels can be helpful in accessing if you need to be taking certain supplements or not. Dr. Felty can work with you on your individual needs. Get started

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