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A personalized approach for those who are ready to feel and function better naturally

Unlock Your Health Potential With Our Virtual and In-Person Services












This isn't your typical 10 minute doctor visit, this is personalized health consulting that addresses dis-ease and dysfunction at the roots. Dr. Felty empowers you to create real change and achieve the results you desire. Consulting provided for both children and adults.


Activate your inner healer.

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"Dr. Felty was my first experience with naturopathic medicine and now an N.D. is my first recommendation to anyone struggling with their health. With Dr. Felty, I felt heard and was able to have conversations about my health, as we explored the best options together. Dr. Felty’s commitment to her patients and continuing education to truly individualize care is outstanding.  Through my experiences with her, my first choice is naturopathic medicine."


"Dr. Felty is probably the most thorough practitioner that I have ever met! She spent plenty of time getting to know me and took time to listen and validate Me! I am looking forward to continuing working with Dr. Felty as she is positive and uplifting, not degrading. She helps me to feel like I have the ability to make positive change!"


"Dr. Felty has proved to me that the doctor-patient relationship can be both compassionate and educational. My experience as a patient was comfortable and allowed me to take charge, of not just one, but all aspects of my health. I honestly felt the care that I received to be professional, yet pure, and truly insightful. Dr. Felty provides a real means of healing by listening to the patient, a skill that is hard to find in healthcare today."

"Dr. Felty is hands down the best doctor I have ever seen, and I am a tough critic. She is super thorough, detail oriented and intelligent but also conscious, patient, kind and a great listener. I am extremely grateful that I found her. I left that office a different person than I walked in. I highly recommend her."



"Dr. Felty is exceptional! She'll help you find the root cause of the issue you have going on all while being very sweet, sincere and caring. Thank you!"


"For years I’ve struggled with frustrating digestive issues. I approached Dr. Felty because I knew she specialized in gastrointestinal issues and I heard encouraging aspects about her approach to treatment. Dr. Felty helped me by changing my eating habits, adding in supplements, and recommending hydrotherapy for detoxification. Within a few weeks my symptoms had improved and continue to improve today. Dr. Felty helped me not only on a physical level, but an emotional level as well."


Health Shake

No more guessing about diets, supplements, symptoms, or lab results. It's time to take charge of your health and restore wellness!

Unlock Your Health Potential Now
Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Felty at 872-245-0035
  • Convenient Online Consults, Tuesday through Thursday
  • In-Person Consults, Fridays Only at Rhythm and Beets
Virtual Consultations
Monday | 10am - 4pm
Tuesday | 9am - 5pm

Wednesday | 9am - 5pm
Thursday | 9am - 5pm

In-Person Consultations
Friday | 10-4:30pm

Office Location:
Rhythm and Beets

880 Sidewalk Rd.
Chesterton, IN 46304
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