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Dr. Felty is dedicated to providing natural health care and education to the community. Dr. Felty is a health and wellness educator, spiritual teacher, holistic healer, minister, public speaker, writer, and sound healer.

Keynote Topics

Integrative Medicine

Nutritional Health

Digestive Health

Women's Health

Surgery Recovery and Healing


Thyroid Health


Children's Health and Wellness


Mental Health

Spiritual Power

Spiritual Healing

Shadow Work

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Medicine For Mental Health

Trauma Healing


Her Own Healing Journey

Past Events

Health Talks

Corporate Lunch and Learns

Health Classes at The Infinity Foundation

Television Guest

Radio Guest

Podcast Guest

Yoga Classes To Raise Funds To Plant Trees

Wellness Fairs

Farmers Market Workshop

Cannabis Education Talk

Psychedelic Education and Harm Reduction

Inner Child Healing Talk

Shadow Work Talk

Sound Healing Events

Women's Retreats

Upcoming Event

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