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Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Serves 3

Cooking time: 30 - 45 minutes

What You Need:

Chickpeas, Kale, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Spinach, Olive Oil, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Avocado.

Skillet and cooking utensil.


Air fry chickpeas or roast chickpeas or toss fresh ones in your favorite sauce for later.

Chop up a large bunch of kale for later.

Chop up and mince 3 cloves of garlic and set aside for later.

Start to make brown rice.

While brown rice is cooking, turn stovetop on to medium high.

Chop up 1 sweet potato in cubes and 1/4 onion.

Pour 2 tbsp oil in skillet.

Add onion and sauté in oil.

Mix in chopped sweet potato in skillet.

Season with a generous amount of sea salt, pepper, and cover with lid.

Stir occasionally for 15 minutes. Once sweet potato is fully cooked through, mix in kale and stir until kale is dark and slightly wilted. You can also air dry or roast sweet potato so that you only need to cook, sauté and mix onion and kale.

Whichever way you cook your sweet potato, mix it in with veggies in skillet.

Add brown rice and mix it all together.

Turn heat off.

Grab handful of spinach and place on 3 plates.

Drizzle olive oil generously all over spinach.

Sprinkle sea salt all over spinach.

Then, scoop out sweet potato, kale, and rice mixture and cover bed of spinach with it. Top with air fried, roasted, or fresh chickpeas, heaping scoop of hummus, 1 tbsp ground flax seed, fresh garlic, and cut up avocado. Season with extra sea salt if needed. Enjoy :)



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