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Mindful Digestion

It is easy to live in survival mode where we are stressed out and forgetting to rest and digest. Let us notice this week what and how well we are physically digesting our food and emotionally digesting our life. Our digestive health impacts every aspect of our health. It is the foundation for health. When our digestive health weakens, our ability to function weakens. Below are tips to strengthen digestion and overall health.

For better physical digestion:

  • Eat real, whole foods

  • Eat slower

  • Chew well

  • Avoid fluids during meals

  • Only eat when you’re hungry

  • Eat more fiber from plants

  • Water in between meals

  • Intermittant fasting

  • Cook from home

  • Exercise

  • Avoid alcohol and sugar

For better emotional digestion:

  • Embrace the silence

  • Listen to your gut

  • Journal feelings

  • Get outside in nature

  • Surround yourself with #positive people that don’t take so much to ingest

  • Meditate

  • Get more sleep

  • Exercise

  • Avoid alcohol and sugar

  • Understand your emotions and where they come from

For individualized recommendations and specialized digestive support. You can always contact me for a complimentary consultation at 262-757-8911 or email me at

In Health,

Dr. Felty


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